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Quality is like love for your children.

When Full Circle launched, we introduced our first quality initiative MVP (Mixed-mode Validation ProcessTM). It was a hit out of the gate and it made us wonder: would we love our second…and third…and eighth product the same as the first?

Heck yeah! Today, we package our proven quality approach as HoNoR (Holistic Next-level Research)TM, employing it pre-, during and post-surveys to virtually eliminate fraud and deliver unparalleled data purity for better business decisions. Best yet, HoNoRTM grows as we do.

So it is with extreme pleasure and unbridled enthusiasm that Full Circle announces the two latest additions in our quality arsenal. Needless to say, we love them all.

Hold on to your open-end survey questions, folks: Full Circle’s community responses are proven authentic. How? We use Imperium’s Real Answer to evaluate and enhance their quality. Client-approved lexicons are compared against garbage words, similar prior responses, pasted responses and more. Yes, from registration on!

HoNoR™ works overtime, all the time. TrueSample ups our ante, triple-ensuring that our data is accurate. Its cutting-edge products deliver next-generation speed and functionality to prevent duplication, measure the impact of survey design, even make substantiated recommendations for improvement.

NEWSFLASH! Nothing’s changed.

Growth? Development? Innovation? Quality? Our focus remains laser-sharp and unwavering. So it’s no surprise that our community’s diversity, depth and width has grown by leaps and bounds. Our profiling is even richer in food and beverage, travel and entertainment, gaming, ailments and more. And our latest website publisher relationships read like a veritable list of Who’s Who. In fact, by the time you read this, we already have more to share. As they say: the only constant is change! (Learn more: send us an email or call your favorite Full Circle team member.)

Let’s talk politics [polling].

It may still be taboo to discuss politics in social circles. But the Full Circle community is only too happy to reveal opinions, preferences and forecasts. We target every which way possible, from political affiliation to state, county and zip, balancing the sample by census representation to provide the most accurate insights. And whether or not profiling is necessary, HoNoR™ comes standard on every poll. (If only the current race were so pure.)

Rafael Gonzalez A Hearty Welcome to Raf!

What happens when you meet an intelligent, creative market researcher with full-service, niche and ops experience? You hire him! We’re thrilled to have Rafael Gonzalez join our growing team as a knowledgeable, valued resource for our clients. Say hi at RafG@iLoveFullCircle.com.

We won. Again! The results are in and they’re truly humbling: Adam Weinstein, Full Circle co-CEO, was named one of Survey Magazine’s 2015-2016 Top 20 Researchers You Need to Know. Thus far, it hasn’t gone to his head.

Survey Magazine's 2015-2016 Top 20 Researchers You Need to Know

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Calling all interested, engaging, experienced, online research-savvy, West Coast salespeople!

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