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There is No Substitute For Quality, Customer Service and A Cool Hoodie

Perhaps Adam Weinstein said it best: “To achieve high-quality research, you have to want it. Bad. You have to eat, breathe and sleep advanced tech, transparent processes, and a commitment to being more than just a vendor.” Then he smiled. “It’s awesome, isn’t it.”

Adam shares that fervor with his partner, Nate Lynch. The pair founded Full Circle Research and its panel, Survey Roundtable, with two goals: eliminate online research fraud and have a blast doing it.

The fact that they’ve succeeded is easy to see (industry’s proven lowest fraud rate, dozens of loyal clients, year-over-year growth in the millions, a team built entirely of diverse industry vets, a 100% employee retention rate, one of a handful of providers certified to ISO 20252, four times named on Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies in America, chosen as a Microsoft Preferred Online Sample Provider and so on). How they succeeded requires a look behind the curtain.

You’ll discover that almost everything hinges on Full Circle’s crown jewel: HoNoR.

HoNoR (Holistic Next-Level ResearchTM) is an award-winning, enhanced survey experience. This marriage of advanced technology, flexible community strategies and industry-leading quality controls encompasses an automated attention algorithm that creates a real-time FC+ Quality Score for each respondent, every project (no historical scores are used). A proven combination of third-party and internal qualitative and quantitative checks analyze real-time responses, confirming participants are paying attention and who they say they are. HoNoR is a frictionless user experience as it limits the number of questions asked. It does not require PII or cookies. And note that unlike other companies’ platforms, there is no gray area—HoNoR is pass/fail—achieving the industry’s lowest reconciliation rate and highest data quality.

And customer service? Full Circle prefers a consultative approach, delivered by a collaborative, satisfied group of experts who work hard, play hard and receive the support they need to succeed at both.

First and foremost, Adam and Nate give their team a mission they can believe in, pouring human, financial and technological resources into delivering the highest quality online sample and consultative service available today. From ops to sales, there exists a constant commitment to provide the tools necessary to be successful.

Then take our company culture, which has been grounded in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) since our first hire, when we became 50/50 male-female (today we’re 65% female!). Amongst other initiatives, CareerMakers (our professional development program) includes DEI training, and our wellness program, Vim&Vigor boosts mind, body and spirit through unique, engaging sessions.

And then, of course, there’s our annual, all-expense-paid, full-family Full Circle Company Retreat. Whether we’re at a water theme park, beachside bungalow or 1,000-acre mountain retreat, there is nothing better than throwing on our matching, branded t-shirts…or bowling shirts…or ’21 hoodies.

Because to us it’s never just a hoodie. It’s the mark of a company that knows when you want it bad enough, achieving the highest quality sample possible always feels oh-so-good.