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Quality In. Quality Out.

Our secret to pure sample is an industry-leading multi-pronged approach—the fastest, most effective path to higher-quality insights for you.


Survey Roundtable is built through traditional, vetted, top-tier sources (exclusive content-driven publishers, social networking sites, real-time intercept sampling) that contractually agree to adhere to our ISO 20252 certification standards.


Our award-winning survey experience HoNoR puts an immediate stop to any fraudulent respondent who tries to tap into our panel thanks to advanced tech, flexible community strategies and unparalleled quality controls.


Our registration path collects 25 demographic and psychographic data points, then funnels panelists into 12 deeper B2B and consumer profiling efforts, exposing a greater understanding of our members’ preferences.


Incidence, complexity, length and topic factor into our structured incentive program. Once members hit a preset threshold of SRT Points, they redeem for cash, charitable giving and gift cards to brands they love.


Our consumer-facing panel delivers the highest quality, most vibrant insights in the industry—the ones decision-makers depend on to drive their organizations forward.

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An exceptional, truly consultative client experience is a direct result of the strategic decision to hire only experienced researchers and professionals to run your project from start to finish. Every team member has at least 10 years in the industry. More than half have more than 15. Our founders, collectively more than 60!

Adam Weinstein


Nate Lynch


Alexandrine de Montera


Gabe Dworet


Jenn Philips

VP, Sales - East

Tobin Bailey, Jr.

VP, Sales - West

Rebecca Fuener

Director, Sales - Southeast

Corie Luzon

Manager, Sales – East

Jason Henderson

Manager, Sales - West

Todd Neff

VP, RFP & Platform Technology

Dee Boyd

Director, Operations

Thomas Pampinella

Sr. Director,
Programming & IT

Olivia Trujillo

Sr. Business Unit Leader & ISO Quality Manager

Tasha Keehler

Sr. Business Unit Leader

Jamie Stehlin

Sr. Business Unit Leader

Reem Ganim

Sr. Business Unit Leader

Dana Hicks

Sr. Manager,
Community Relations

Alisa Weinstein

VP, Marketing

Amanda Silva

Sr. Accountant

Chris Cox

Sr. Director, HR

How Full Circle
Promotes & Protects DEI

“In the mid-80s, my mother founded (and still owns) one of the DC area’s first focus group facilities. I owe my commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion to her,” says Co-CEO Adam Weinstein.

Co-CEO Nate Lynch shares his focus. So how is our team making a difference?

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