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Access the most accurate picture of who is voting, how and why.

Just Released! SmartPoll’s First Poll of the Year Reveals 8 Out of 10 Registered Voters “Certain” or “Likely” To Vote in Battleground States Read More

Not all voter data providers are created equal. Full Circle’s SmartPoll™ turns campaigns around quickly, without compromising the quality of the data collected. What makes SmartPoll unique?

Proprietary Polling Technology

The core of SmartPoll is our proprietary polling experience, HoNoR®, which integrates internal advanced technology and state-of-the art quality controls with leading third-party platforms to ensure high-quality data, every time. (Thanks to HoNoR, Full Circle was named the 2021 Panel Company of the Year.)

Custom Targeting Strategies

A proven blend of polling tactics result in accurate, cost- and time-effective campaigns:

  • PII matching automatically matches our participants’ information to voter databases, allowing for a deeper drive into constituent behavior.
  • Voter file integrations leverage our clients’ CRM and voter files to target programmatically.
  • CTV/OTV, display and mobile execution, whether we’re with you from the start or bought in to fill gaps.
  • Census-balanced-by-start stratification plans for increased accuracy. Unlike others, we always use the newest estimates on
  • Internal social network capabilities reach targeted groups in larger numbers than other providers can or will provide, including African Americans, Latinx, persuadables, independents, non-strong partisans, swing-state voters and more.

First-Class Customer Service

SmartPoll campaigns are completed on demand, any day of the week, and launch within 24 hours—daily reporting allows for real-time decision-making. What’s more, Full Circle leads the industry in providing a uniquely responsive, proactive and transparent client experience, thanks to a team built entirely of industry veterans. 

Ready to learn more? Contact us here or reach out to our VP, Political Sector, KJ Jones, at or 347-873-3876.