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Quality In. Quality Out.

After millions of successful online survey completes, we can say with certainty that there exists no silver bullet to capturing high-quality B2C and B2B data. Instead, we tackle fraud through an ever-evolving combination of proven tactics, including our proprietary anti-fraud system (translated in 33 languages and included at each stage of a respondent’s journey), unique sample stratification and responsive, transparent partner relationships. The result is the ability to continually deliver the best insights the industry has to offer.  

Pre-Survey Quality Checks

Full Circle’s award-winning HoNoR (Holistic Next Level Research)® is the industry’s only anti-fraud process that combines constantly updated internal security intelligence and AI with the best and regularly vetted third-party anti-fraud software. HoNoR encompasses a proprietary marriage of advanced technology, flexible community strategies and unparalleled quality controls, which leverage qualitative and quantitative measures to generate an FC+ Quality Score based on a respondent’s profile accuracy and real-time attention level. There is no gray area: If respondents don’t pass, they’re terminated. HoNoR eliminates fraudulent activity seamlessly in real time, without requiring cookies or PII.

In-Survey Quality Checks

WatchdogTM, Full Circle’s in-survey pattern recognition technology, is cutting-edge—an advanced surveillance system that continually monitors surveys in real-time to detect anomalies indicative of fraudulent activity and to ensure statistical relevance. Watchdog kicks in after HoNoR, intelligently pairing panelists with the surveys they are most likely to complete. It’s a one-of-a-kind, in-moment placement powered by a proprietary machine-learning engine and unique algorithms that allow Full Circle to improve engagement while ensuring clients receive census-representative sample. The process also incorporates a randomization component (say, topical) to avoid the statistical biases often seen from other online sample companies.

Post-Survey Data Report

Our data reports reflect the accuracy of our target audience profiling, achieved through a unique sample stratification approach: To account for varying response rates per census segment and achieve sample that “looks like” the target population, we apply a disproportionate census stratification strategy to our distribution. For every demographic, we strive for at or below -3% variance. And unlike other providers, we always use the newest estimates available on

An example of how this works? Response rates from males 18-24 are far lower than those of females 55+. To ensure representative “starts”, we include a larger number of male 18-24 invitations in the sample batch; we avoid oversampling by doing the opposite for females 55+. Additionally, we implement a real-time quota strategy that sets valid survey starts, ensuring we achieve a census click-to-start balance. This strategy adjusts to meet our clients’ desired percentages and audiences. Panel members receive incentives whether or not they qualify for a survey (amount varies) which are automatically added to their rewards accounts at termination or survey completion.

Unparalleled service, 100% of the time

Full Circle’s consultative approach goes beyond typical customer service. We function as true partners to our clients, delivering personalized advice, recommendations and solutions based on a deeper understanding of their pain points and objectives. The result is a deeply productive long-term partnership that saves you time and money. All of our team members have no fewer than 10 years in research, which means experienced eyes watch every project no matter when it fields. We also have an internal ISO Quality Manager responsible for program management, internal auditing and continuous improvement.

Ready to learn more about our approach to eliminating fraud from your data? Please contact us here or call us at 877-543-7126.

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