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Best. Gift. Ever.

Teams can be awfully sneaky when they want to surprise their owners, and this video is no exception. Created as a present for Nate and Adam in commemoration of Full Circle’s 10th Anniversary, and premiered at the company’s annual retreat in August, this mockumentary of a mockumentary had the entire team doubled over in stitches. If you’ve ever wondered what makes Full Circle so special, consider this your front-row seat.

It wasn’t only Adam & Nate who were surprised.

Christina (Director, HR) and Alisa (VP, Marketing) doled out the script methodically: each team member got their own lines, only. Using Zoom, they recorded themselves having no idea what anyone else was going to say. This means everyone was surprised when the video was revealed!

The whole idea is a ruse.

The idea of “producing a commercial” was a farce to pull the storyline along, and give each team member the opportunity to showcase why they’re indispensable to Full Circle’s success. Many bits were written to play up individuals’ personalities, too.

What’s Jenn doing??

That energetic woman showing off shirt…after shirt…after shirt…is Jenn (VP, Sales – East). As Full Circle’s first employee, she’s the only one who’s attended every one of our Company Retreats. And she has the wardrobe to prove it!

Let’s get personal. But not too personal.

The internal video ends with personal messages from each family to Nate and Adam (our Company Retreat includes our employee’s families, as well). For privacy reasons and public consumption, those messages are truncated into one screen. But a few bloopers were too precious to not share!

You’re one step away from our Panel Book!

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