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Quality. One heck of a bedfellow.

Musings from a Co-CEO ///

Over the past few months we, completely voluntarily, exposed every bit of our company’s quality processes to a third-party global assessment team. It’s got to make one wonder: what is so darn sexy about quality?

Sure, quality is transcendent. Timeless. It’s a well-made suit. A Swiss timepiece. The best seats in the house.

And when it comes to research, we’ll fall on our swords to prove to our clients that our work is the purest, rarest, best. (Some of us are telling the truth and others…well…I’ll save that for another post.) Quality makes our hearts beat, our pulses race, our desire skyrocket.

In going through the ISO 26362 certification process (which we recently completed—blatant plug), I got more intimate with quality than almost any other aspect of my business. And I uncovered something so obvious, you’d think it was wearing a neon sign:

It’s not quality that lures us. It’s the confidence we get from its existence.

When we, as researchers, pour ourselves into streamlining our processes, near-perfecting our security and protecting our communities, we offer a level of assurance that comes with a surprisingly deep trickle effect. Since our clients can trust the work we provide, they can let it go. They don’t need to spend countless hours pulling fraud. Instead, they can focus on the front end. Their objectives. Their processes. Their clients.

I’m not saying that every researcher across the board has the time, funds and inclination to get down and dirty with quality and how it can elevate their day-to-day. But I am saying that every researcher should.

The experience, I have to say, is more than satisfying.

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