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See yourself in international waters.

Musings from a Chief Product Officer ///

My first official day with Full Circle was September 1. Eighteen days later, I found myself in Canada with key team members: ESOMAR’s 75th Congress waits for no team rookie.

The experience, it turns out, was invaluable. Yes, I attended feeling well-prepared in regard to Full Circle’s mission, values, product line and service approach. I’d spent my first two weeks immersed in the discovery phase, soaking in my new company’s differentials, pain points and areas of growth potential. I knew well how we wanted to be perceived.

What Congress revealed was how we actually are perceived. And it was illuminating.

First, I established that Full Circle has very little international presence in regard to market awareness. Expanding our global reach is one of the reasons I was brought on-board, and I was excited to see such fertile ground for growth.

What really struck me, however, is how much of a unicorn we are. Eyes lit up when potential clients learned we were a US-based sample provider, GDPR-compliant and certified to ISO*. It’s a potent combination that will serve us well when seeking new client opportunities worldwide.

And it’s exactly how we want to see ourselves, no matter where on the planet we stand.

*ISO certification is significantly more prevalent outside the US than in it. We’re working to change that with our ISO 20252 education campaign, launched in partnership with the Certification Institute for Research Quality. Read more!

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