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Statement of Applicability

Last Revised 3/28/22

Full Circle Research Co., LLC (“Full Circle”) is an online market research organization providing online market research sample in the US, European, APAC and LATAM regions. Full Circle also provides project management and consulting services for community/niche sample building, sample/community strategy, sample profiling and sample quality.

This certification applies to the Full Circle’s offices in Potomac, MD and Shelton, CT.

Full Circle has elected to include sampling including access panels, fieldwork, self-completion, and data management and processing to be attested to this document in accordance with Annexes A and E.

Details of Full Circle attested annexes are described as follows:

Annex A: Sampling including access panelsFull Circle provides access to non-probability panels/other sources for online market research samples.
Annex E: Self-completionOnline market research samples are used for data collection with for self-completion methodologies where participants complete and return questionnaires.E.1 b) – f).
E.2 b), e) and f).
E 3.3
E.1 b) – f): Full Circle only provides online market research samples for online questionnaires.
E.2 b), e) and f): Full Circle does not program or host questionnaires.
E 3.3: Full Circle does not program or host questionnaires

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