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Stay Steps Ahead of AI.

The power of AI to upend surveys and polling results is proven and undeniable. Does your sample partner have the security to detect and prevent against it?

At Full Circle, we know that third-party checks and traditional data trap questions are no longer enough to stop fraud. Instead, our HoNoR survey experience uses AI against itself—we pair a dynamic, conceptual-based question matrix with our Watchdog™ pattern recognition technology to ensure the insights we capture are from honest-to-goodness, high-quality participants.

In short: Full Circle’s proven processes eliminate the ability of AI to answer our clients’ questions. Which leaves plenty of room for high-quality participants to do so.

How we accurately distinguish human from machine.

Our proprietary, pre-survey checks analyze user interaction patterns, contextual-based answers and sentiment in real-time. This is then layered on top of our existing third-party device checks. And finally, we employ the most critical mechanism to detect AI-driven fraud: a thorough, manual review by our experienced team of insights vets. Some key areas of focus?

  • Survey Time – AI models often generate responses faster or slower than humans, so unusual timing of responses is a red flag
  • Response Patterns – AI tends to provide answers in more linear and systematic patterns than humans, which are more accurately caught by human analyzation
  • Open-End Questions – AI often misses local language complexities, nore does it often use slang; because it lacks personal experience, human emotion and relationships, AI has trouble answering questions about feelings or judgements
  • Current Events – AI chat models can only answer questions using data inputted since their last update; ask ChatGPT about an event that occurred since and it cannot provide an answer

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