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All work and no play? Hellz no.

Musings from an HR/Finance Assistant ///

So we’re just back from our 5th Annual Company Retreat and let me tell you: WOW WAS THAT AMAZING.

Was it because the original crew hadn’t seen each other in person for two whole years? That half of our team was finally meeting face-to-face because they had been hired during a pandemic (including myself!)? That we had our run of a 1,000-acre mountain campground with breathtaking views, a pristine lake, stellar food and every nature activity under the sun at our disposal? 

Well, sure. That stuff was pretty cool. 

But what did it for me was watching our traffic manager canoe for the first time in 30 years. Hearing our business unit leader make peace with a Daddy Long Legs. Cheering for our director of operations’ six-year-old, who had just tied for first place in the fishing tournament.

And beaming as everyone threw on their brand-new team hoodies and struck a pose for Full Circle’s annual company pic.

When planning this retreat, we poured ourselves into every detail. The travel. The lodging. The vaccinations. We did it to treat ourselves after two successful, stressful long years. And to bring together a team that plays together as well as it works together.

And to that, I say, “Hellz yeah!”

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