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Surveys make me want to cry.

Musings from a Senior Manager, Community Relations ///

Most days I like my job. I like the collaborative problem-solving sessions. I like the technical aspects related to functionality and survey template development. End-of-month reporting can get intense, but it’s still satisfying to tally it all up every 30 days or so.

Then there are days I love my job—the days that remind me who I’m doing my job for. Yesterday was one of those.

One of our panelists sent along some unsolicited feedback: She had recently lost her husband of decades, and taking our surveys helped her cope with the loneliness. It was a powerful statement. I felt very sad for her loss. But it also touched my heart. What we’re doing at Full Circle had real value for another human being, and it made me feel connected to a person who would otherwise be a stranger.

I’ll never forget reading the note from the single mother who takes our surveys to help make ends meet. Or the military vet who appreciates the diversion as he adjusts to civilian life. When I share comments like these with our team, we all get a boost. It increases our drive to continue to serve our panelists as much as we serve our clients.

And that’s a mission I love, every day.

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