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Full Circle Adds OpinionRoute’s CleanID to Its Industry-Leading HoNoR Quality Initiative

Protecting its position as market leaders when it comes to delivering the highest quality insights, Full Circle announced today the addition of OpinionRoute’s CleanID to its proprietary HoNoR (Holistic Next-Level Research™) survey service.

“Our priorities are to eliminate respondents who can distort datasets and achieve 100% confidence in our sample,” said Nate Lynch, co-CEO. “CleanID boosts our ability to accomplish both, and we are thrilled to integrate an additional advanced tech into HoNoR’s offerings.”

Full Circle’s HoNoR is an automated attention algorithm that uses qualitative and quantitative measures to, amongst other strategies, analyze real-time responses, thereby ensuring that panelists are paying attention and who they say they are. As an industry-leading fraud prevention and detection software, CleanID enhances HoNoR’s capability to uncover bots and survey farms, as well as detect survey respondent markers, such as oscillating IP addresses, browser signature spoofing, private browser detection and more. The software is proven to flag five times more fraud than other fraud-prevention software on the market. “We built CleanID to be a highly configurable, customizable product that makes fraud mitigation easier than ever before,” said Terence McCarron, CEO of OpinionRoute. “Full Circle is an exciting partnership for us, as they are the first client to implement using our custom logic node in Decipher, highlighting how accessible CleanID has become.”

About OpinionRoute

OpinionRoute is a data protection company that empowers market researchers globally to deliver accurate survey insights using our industry-leading technology and data collection services.

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