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Do NOT Run a Tracker Without Asking These 5 Questions

By Dee Boyd, Director, Operations

The bad news: Fraud, poor quota counts, even lackluster (or worse, detrimental) customer service can threaten to jeopardize an entire tracker’s validity. 

The good news: You have the power to secure a seamless, successful tracker experience before you begin—and even transform the trajectory of one that’s struggling in-field. Full Circle Research’s experts identified these five questions every client should ask their provider. If you’re not comfortable with their answers, we’re always here to help. 

Where is my sample coming from?

(Does your provider own its panel or do they outsource?)

Since Full Circle builds its own panel, we have complete control over the data we collect. This is in sharp contrast to the quality achieved from outsourcing, which can come with reversal rates as high as 40%. Full Circle’s fraud rate is consistently proven to be one of the industry’s lowest—a direct result of continual investment in our product. And our panel of millions is vetted from the first click at joining throughout their entire tenure within our panel; multiple checks at registration confirm their identity and extensive quality checks continue every time they interact with us.

How consistent is my sample from wave to wave?

(Does your provider have processes in place to ensure quality for the long haul?)

Full Circle’s unique anti-fraud system—translated in 33 languages and included at every step of a respondent’s journey—delivers consistent, highest-level data quality for the length of your tracker. What’s more, our survey recruitment has always been via a census-balanced-by-start stratification plan. This strategy increases data accuracy by ensuring completes fall naturally within reputable, up-to-date resources, such as For every demographic, we strive for at or below -3% variance.

Is my supplier providing everything necessary to make my tracker a success?

(How well does my provider know its sample? How does it fight fraud?)

We assign a designated project team that manages consistent sample allocation for your entire project, leveraging intimate knowledge of our in-house panel history to provide accurate feasibility and boost survey deployment efficiency—this includes a deep, real-time understanding of how and why our members act. Additionally, our anti-fraud system is an industry first, combining constantly updated internal security intelligence and AI with the best and regularly vetted third-party anti-fraud software. We focus our expert and technological resources on one goal: to ensure successful trackers for you.

Am I 100% confident that my supplier will live up to its promises?

(Does my provider possess the industry expertise necessary to expose my survey’s limitations?)

If you’re settling for where you’re at, you may want to explore what opportunities you’re missing. Full Circle’s clients trust us to help them uncover missed time- and money-savings for an even more exemplary and profitable tracker experience. Our team of 100% industry vets is ready to function as your true partner, offering expert guidance, recommendations and solutions based on a deeper understanding of your challenges and goals.

How much am I willing to pay for good quality?

(Am I paying for fraud?)

If you’ve ever dealt with the exponential expense of fraud, sample inconsistency and unhappy clients, you appreciate the value of getting it right the first time. Full Circle’s rates are highly competitive, ensuring you don’t need to sacrifice quality for cost. Let us prove it. We’re happy to run a parallel test on a current project on our dime.

It’s critical to protect tracker consistency for the long-term. If you’d like to learn how we can help with your projects, please contact us here or call us at 877-543-7126.

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