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Full Circle and Cannabiz Consumer Group Announce Partnership

Full Circle Research Co. makes public today its partnership with Cannabiz Consumer Group (C2G), the research industry’s foremost experts on cannabis consumers and their ecosystems. This announcement comes on the heels of the organization’s support of C2G’s groundbreaking CannaUse™ study: the largest survey of legal cannabis consumption ever conducted in the entire United States and the first sample specifically segmented for cannabis.

The two companies will provide an omnibus, CannaBus™, which will enable clients to ask custom questions or conduct micro-surveys to better understand issues and interests important to them without the cost of an entire custom research study.

CannaBus also delivers extensive usage segmentations for both medicinal and recreational marijuana. Full Circle’s consumer panel will be profiled for legal cannabis usage and attitudes applying C2G’s industry-standard segmentation scheme. The partnership will leverage Full Circle’s proprietary online research panel in combination with C2G’s cannabis industry and data analytics expertise. Full Circle and C2G see additional partnership offerings to be announced in the future.

“It’s an exciting time to be at the forefront of cannabis research,” said Adam Weinstein, co-CEO of Full Circle. “As acceptance continues to grow across the United States, the economic impact cannot be overstated—our clients will benefit greatly from this knowledge. Teaming with C2G was critical in understanding this population on a higher level.”

“CannaBus™ offers clients the ability to gain deep insights into how specific population groups relate to legal marijuana without conducting an extensive online study,” said Leslie Townsend, CEO of C2G. “Because Full Circle’s panelists are already profiled for marijuana attitudes and behaviors, CannaBus™ projects will field quickly while utilizing a rich data set based upon behaviors and attitudes as opposed to simple demographics. The Full Circle and C2G partnership is uniquely positioned to provide this service.”

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About Cannabiz Consumer Group
Cannabiz Consumer Group investigates the impact of marijuana legalization on consumer spending throughout the economy. Bringing together a team with expertise in the tracking of emerging markets, data modeling, and predictive analytics, Cannabiz Consumer Group focuses on specific industries that must adapt quickly to cannabis legalization. This includes over-the-counter medications, beer, wine, spirits, tobacco, other foods and beverages, retail, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and travel/tourism. Each is subject to shifts in consumer spending as existing legal use markets continue evolve and new markets launch. For more information about CannaUse™, contact or visit

About Full Circle Research Co.
Founded in 2013, Full Circle Research Co., is the first and only U.S.-based, online consumer sample provider to earn ISO 26362 certification and the only company to offer HoNoR (Holistic Next-level Research)™, a proven approach to quality. This unprecedented, automated marriage of advanced technology, flexible community strategies and industry-leading quality controls gives business decision-makers immediate access to the purest data in the industry. Full Circle prizes foresight, treasures agility, and pulls from 100 years of in-house research experience to deliver a deeply consultative, worthwhile experience. To learn more, visit

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