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I disagree. Agreeably.

Musings from a Sr. Business Unit Leader/ISO Quality Manager ///

I know I’m not alone when I say Barney gets on my nerves. “I love you. You love me. We’re a happy family.” Geez. Now it’s stuck in my head. (You’re welcome.)

But at work it’s really not a bad state of mind. And generally speaking it’s my day to day—I get along well with my teammates, ops or otherwise. Until, all of a sudden, I don’t.

It could be thanks to an unexpected rush deadline. Or a personal problem that’s put a usually Zen colleague on edge. Or simply a difference of opinion on how to tackle a client’s challenge. While far and few between, I’m not immune to a workplace moment that makes me go, “ARGGGGH,” under my breath.

The question is: How do I handle it? Let it fester? Send a scathing email? Contact a higher up? 

This was the topic of today’s CareerMaker’s session (title: Agree Disagreeably). Our expert highlighted the importance of framing, timing and perspective when it comes to expressing ourselves. And it made me realize how lucky we are.

The truth is that respect runs deep here. I feel comfortable being candid in every situation, even if my opinion is contradictory to someone else’s. That’s not to say that we won’t need to work through the problem. But we do so knowing an even better result is on the other side. One that supports our clients, our business and ourselves.

So while certain purple dinosaurs can get on my nerves, disagreeing agreeably with my awesome teammates never will.

*CareerMakers is Full Circle’s professional development program. The session Olivia references was run by Dale Carnegie.

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