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ESOMAR, how thee are a bear. Part deux.

Musings from a VP, Marketing ///

So way back in 2014, I spilled my honest-to-goodness feelings about ESOMAR 28. 

(For those not familiar, ESOMAR is the global voice of the data, research and insights community—an international association that provides ethical and professional guidance. Its document, Questions to Help Buyers of Online Samples, requires sample providers to expose their level of consistency, reliability and commitment to transparency when it comes to quality data.)

In the years since, updating our ESOMAR answers has been a peaceful exercise, self-monitored, done whenever our tech and offerings have grown. 

Yet over time, ESOMAR noticed its 28 questions were no longer well-suited for the ever-evolving research industry it serves. So in early 2021, the organization released an update. Thirty-seven questions this time. Sweet, I thought. Only nine new ones. Easy-peasy.

Oh how naïve was I. ESOMAR hadn’t merely added questions to its repertoire—it gave every single inquiry a complete overhaul. I’m pretty sure not one question stayed the same.

And while this realization was at first completely overwhelming and utterly daunting, I quickly realized: Full Circle isn’t the same, either. In the eight years since we first addressed concepts such as security, incentives and compliance, we’d adapted, evolved, invented, invested and helped shape the way companies approach online sample today. It was no longer enough to simply tweak existing language—just like ESOMAR’s questions, our answers deserved a complete overhaul, as well.

And now that the months-long effort is completed, and officially live on our site, I can say that I’ve rarely been prouder of one our publications. And that’s the honest-to-goodness truth. 

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