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Say it. Don’t spray it.

Musings from a VP, Sales ///

A little over a year ago, we invested in a new marketing tool. The platform allows our sales team to send out hundreds of cold emails in one shot. The power was intoxicating. 

No longer did we need to painstakingly cut and paste…and cut and paste…and cut and paste individual messages over and over (and over). All we needed was one lyrically crafted template explaining how our sample is different, better, more enticing than anyone else’s on the planet. The system did all the “thinking” for us, automatically customizing each note with our recipients’ names, companies and title.

It was magical. It was miraculous. It didn’t work.

Turns out, we weren’t the only ones sending out hundreds of emails in one shot. The ask was hollow. The “Unsubscribe” on the bottom, a clear giveaway. Our open rate was tiny. Response rate, even more miniscule.

But it was silly to throw out the baby with the bath water. The problem lay not with the platform, but how we chose to use it. So we changed our approach.

We now use the system in a much more mindful manner. We send significantly fewer messages to a smaller list of potential clients whose needs align beautifully with our services. The results have been astounding.

In retrospect, it’s not surprising. People know when you’re being authentic. Full Circle touts a personal, consultative approach to customer service. It makes much more sense that our email marketing program follow suit.

Magical, indeed.

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