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Polling by any other name…

Musings from a VP, Marketing ///

I may not be a second-generation market researcher like one of our founders, but after 26 years, I’d like to think I’m pretty good with the vernacular. Quantitative, sample, panel, participant, survey, double opt-in and so forth.

Which is why, when leadership moved to expand our polling capabilities, I figured I had our marketing initiatives in the bag. Polls are the same thing as surveys, right? Well, yes. And no.

Our political clients trust that they’ll receive the same industry-leading quality as our B2B and B2C clients—and they should. All of our surveys run through our HoNoR® experience. But “voter” is more accurate than “panel”, and “data” reigns supreme over “sample.” To the layperson, this is splitting hairs. But to our clients, these nuances reflect our dedication to creating an experience specific to their needs. We’re not simply running panelists through a Full Circle survey; we’re running voters through a Full Circle poll designed specifically to capture the choices our participants intend to cast. 

The timing is different. The strategies are different. Even our hero is different (meet SmartPoll™!). All so that the data collected results in the industry’s most accurate, cost- and time-effective campaigns. And that vernacular always sounds fabulous to me.

You’re one step away from our Panel Book!

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