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We did it all for the Wookie.

Musings from a Co-CEO ///

I remember staring at my dining room table. At least, I knew the table was there. But at the time, early February and more than a month prior to our sponsorship at the Quirk’s Event in NY, it was impossible to see under 1500 Star Wars-themed PEZ dispensers, delivered by the PEZ company, via shipping truck, in pallets, to my home.

What did 1500 Star Wars-themed PEZ dispensers look like? Honestly, seriously sweet Full Circle-swag. Especially as I watched our VP, Marketing sticker them to match our theme. Yoda got “Purest sample we deliver.” Darth Vader got, “The quality is strong with this one.” C3P0’s said “The percent of quality is 100.” And my personal favorite, Chewie’s, read, “RRRWWWGGAHHHHRRRHG.”

Plus, PEZ was just the beginning. To really bring it all home, we hosted a live, in-person appearance by the Wookie himself. And boy was he a hit. Fellow researchers, vendors and end-clients lined up to snap a pic with the wooly giant and then shared those photos with friends, family and social media—hardly noticing that they were also circulating Quirk’s and Full Circle’s logos, on the banner in the background.

Which really was the point. We know we’re a small company. But we also know how to make an impact. We never underestimate the power of a fun, unexpected, on-trend marketing tactic (see the new Star Wars movie, yet?). And we’re willing to put our sponsorship dollars behind it. It’s a great way for us to help support a trusted industry organization, create buzz without breaking our marketing bank and remind clients that true quality permeates every aspect of our business.

As Yoda’s sticker said: “Judge us by our size, do you?” Or, maybe R2D2’s said it best: “Beep bloop beep boop.”

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