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We hate gin. Maybe. Not.

Musings from a Regional Sales Director ///

COVID or no COVID, Full Circle is a virtual company. We always have been. So when the world began telecommuting, our processes felt eerily normal. As if everything inside our Full Circle bubble was still the same.

But that was a farce. Sure, our security and compliance and data collection went on as usual. But psychologically, we suffered from the same disconnect as every other company on the planet. We’re people-people who spend our lives collecting insights from, well, people. Without face-to-face client meetings, on-site conferences or even our annual company retreat, there was a palpable void that grew bigger every day.

Which is what made the launch of the company’s virtual wellness program so invaluable and well-timed. The idea for Vim&Vigor had been percolating for a while, but COVID gave leadership the impetus it needed to launch. Formally, V&V is a program to boost mind, body and spirit. I like to think of it as The Time I Get to Hang With People I Care About For 30 to 40 Minutes Without Talking About Work. It’s been great.

It’s also forced me out of my comfort zone. And this part is huge: Sharing new experiences is what really helps people bond. When our VP, Marketing announced our November V&V would be led by a mixologist, I thought woo-hoo! When she said we’d be making a gin-based drink, I thought oh no. I don’t like gin. And, frankly, neither did anyone else.

But together we drank Bee’s Knees—and ate crow. Ends up, we loved learning about the history of gin. We loved arguing over who made the tastiest simple syrup. (Impossible to judge, as we weren’t in the same place.) And I will admit, we all loved our gin-based cocktail. So much so, almost everyone enjoyed seconds.

And if I’m being honest, one of us, thirds.

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