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Our ISO retired. Now what??

Musings from a Co-CEO ///

It’s been quite a run. Since 2014, Full Circle’s been the first and only US-based online consumer sample provider to be certified to ISO 26362. This is a BIG DEAL. No other provider was willing or able to expose its security, invitation, incentive or data collection processes to achieve this stamp of quality. And for that, we’ve been quite proud.

But in 2019, it was announced that our distinction would soon cease to exist: ISO 26362 was to be replaced by ISO 20252. On one hand, not a problem. To keep our certification, we have to undergo an annual audit by an approved third-party, anyway. So any review of any set of standards was still in our wheelhouse. In fact, we’re in the middle of that process as I type.

What gets me is that we will no longer be the “first and only.” True, the number of companies certified to ISO 20252 will remain tiny. And, I suppose, it wasn’t totally great to be the “only”—wouldn’t it better for our entire industry if more companies were willing to be so transparent?

So, yes, our ISO retired. But maybe now we can trade “first and only” for “one of the many leading the charge.” And that’s a distinction to be proud of, too.

UPDATE: Full Circle announced its ISO 20252 certification on April 22, 2021.

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