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What’s it like being the new hire?

(a.k.a. Interview with Dan Reeves) ///

Musings from a Director, Regional Sales ///

Two months ago, Dan joined Full Circle as our newest Director, Regional Sales. How’s his experience going so far? Let’s find out!

Biggest surprise?

Can’t say it’s much of a surprise, but rather extremely reassuring to experience the high level of support I’ve received across the board. Everyone helps everyone succeed individually, which ultimately results in all of us succeeding as a company.

Biggest learning curve?

Managing simultaneous marketing salesflows. This is the first time I’ve used a system like this to reach new clients. I love that the process keeps me on track, but I went out of the gate with five salesflows and quickly learned I couldn’t keep up with follow-up calls!

First win?

First win was for a loyal client—it was an automotive study for a national brand. They do a lot of work so I’m hoping we earn repeat business.

Imagined vs. reality? (Interview vs. being in the trenches)

Imagined vs. reality has been right on par. I knew what I was getting into, having previously held a similar position. Plus, expectations were laid out during the interview process. There was no smoke and mirrors: Everyone was transparent about the role and my experience matches up.

What excites you most?

Just being a part of this team, and actually knowing I have an impact and some skin in the game. I’m not just a cog in the wheel, which inspires me to do my best and pull my weight to help us grow.

What’s been an adjustment?

Biggest adjustment has been not having my hand on feasibility or pricing. At prior companies, I ran my own counts and priced accordingly (with approval of course). At Full Circle, I collaborate with my Business Unit Leader for that part—this leaves me free to focus on what I’ve been brought on to do: client development and building my portfolio. So far so good!

Favorite program?

My favorite program so far would be the intro Meet ‘n Greet. It was one of the first things I did, my first day. Having an all-hands meeting where the new person meets the team is really important. It conveyed a sense of unity that made me happy and excited to be here, and now I want to make sure all new hires feel the same way.

Any new skills built so far?

I’m becoming more efficient with prospecting platforms new to me. I have also learned how to be more successful when marketing myself. I’ve noticed when reaching out to new prospects, I’ve been able to increase my response rates.

Something new you brought to our table?

Hard to say if there is something I’ve brought that no one else has. Everyone here has years of experience. Everyone is very down to Earth and helpful. I do feel I’m really good at reading people, and can pivot a conversation to keep a client or prospect engaged.

Sum up your first two months in three words.

Prideful. Motivated. Happy.

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