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Happy 9th Birthday & Anniversary & Workiversary to us!

Musings from a VP, Marketing ///

Today marks Full Circle’s ninth year in existence. Curious, I asked Mr. Google which gifts were traditionally given to honor such a fabulous occasion. According to, it’s willow and pottery. Willow because it’s both strong and flexible. Pottery because it’s a natural element (clay) that’s been transformed over time into a beautifully finished piece. 

I get the willow. We are strong and flexible. But the pottery gives me pause.

“…transformed over time into a beautifully finished piece.” It’s pretty obvious that Full Circle is anywhere near complete. In fact, I think this nuance is the exact reason why we’re still around. I’ve never worked for any company as willing to embrace change as a path to growth. Some adaptions are those we forged ourselves. Others are ones adopted by aligning with industry trends. But at all times, we recognize that the goal isn’t to be done; it’s to stay true to our values while continually shifting to protect our continued success.

And that’s better than anything they’ve got at Pottery Barn, any day.

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