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The fly on the wall.

Musings from a VP, Marketing ///

Most likely, you were hired because you’re good at your job. You possess a skill set that your company requires for productivity and growth. And while you probably work collaboratively with colleagues in other disciplines, your contributions remain focused on what you can bring to the table.

There’s nothing wrong with being a specific cog in the wheel. But allow me to offer some unsolicited advice: If you ever get the opportunity to see how the rest do their jobs, take it. Take it and take it now. You’ll be a better [your role here] because of it.

We recently partnered with a new client on a pro bono study. The idea was to showcase our collective capabilities to garner more work. Because the final product would be marketed as such, I was brought into the process from Day One and cc’d on every communique.

The experience was illuminating. I know what we sell. I know what every one of our team members does. And thanks to our #QualityForAll initiative, I know our best practices backward and forward. But interviewing our ISO Quality Manager and creating training manuals is not the same as seeing the process in action. And wow. What a gift.

From questionnaire design through final report, I had a front-row seat to how we partner with our clients to serve their clients. I was privy to our client’s objectives, challenges and value add. I observed real-time problem-solving. And I walked away with a deeper, richer picture of how our ops team functions; fodder that is already inspiring future marketing initiatives.

So yes, be proud of what you do—I’m sure you do it well. And then invite others to witness your work in action. I suspect you, too, will find the buzz well worth it.

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