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How to throw a virtual office party.

Musings from a Director, HR ///

The holidays are upon us. And, having recently been tasked with organizing our office holiday party, I went to the first place anyone goes when organizing an office holiday party: the internet. As such, my browsing history includes:

best virtual holiday parties

ideas for virtual office parties

office parties that sleigh

how to keep employees entertained virtually for a minimum of 30 but no more than 45 minutes

do office parties matter

who thought the movie office party would be a good idea

is jason bateman still cute

And while I learned Jason Bateman is still cute, there was nothing else of value.

Ugly Sweater Contest? Ummm…no.

Scavenger Hunt? I don’t think so.

Karaoke? Would totally work across everyone’s varying Wi-Fi speeds. Not.

Mixologist? Done it.

Magician? Did it.

And then: Secret Santa. Ding! The lightbulb that appeared above my head glowed brighter than a certain reindeer’s nose.

Because while, on the surface, what I was planning was an office holiday party, it was really so much more. Part of Full Circle’s Vim&Vigor wellness program, this event was meant to nurture everyone’s minds, bodies and spirits. I needed to bring us together. Help us learn more about each other. And feel more professionally and personally fulfilled as a result.

Secret Santa—quickly renamed the more-Full-Circle-friendly, Secret Snowflake—was perfect. A curated list of questions delivered via Google form helped guide gifters to gifts their giftees would surely want. HR took care of all the ordering, too, making 100% participation easy-peasy.

All that’s left is to wait for 4pEST today. When we open our presents and guess who they’re from. Or just pretend our Snowflake is Jason Bateman.